As professional lighting designers, we have a very good idea of what lighting levels are appropriate in almost any setting, and how they can be achieved. Because we know the precise characteristics of all our light fittings, we can calculate how to place exactly the right amount of light on your merchandise, and on the surrounding displays, walls and floor.

If you want to display your products as if they were works of art, we can do that. If you need to ensure that your customers look, and feel, their best in your clothing, in front of your mirror, we know how to achieve that too.

Within any store, we need to think about light levels in relation to:

PEOPLE to enable their vision so they can move confidently, and to stimulate their emotions.

MERCHANDISE to highlight particular products and to provide contrast and interest

SPACES giving enough light for the activity in each area, and to manage the transition from one area to the next


With the wide range of light fittings now available it is possible to choose fittings with just the right size, power, and beam angle to create many different effects, all designed to present merchandise in the best possible way.

For showrooms displaying a large number of different items, or a wide range of different types of merchandise, it is recommended to adopt a design based on contrast. Areas with differing light levels will highlight key commodities and help prevent the area appearing disorderly.

For more minimalist retail displays with fewer items on view, it is generally best to adopt a lighting design approach based on uniformity, with just a few spotlights to accent particular items.