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About CleanAire

2020 hit us really bad with the pandemic! More than ever, we notice the presence of viruses and bacteria. More than ever, we notice the importance of hygiene practices. We live in an environment where viruses and bacteria are all around us. 

Young kids, the elderly, adults with weak immunity and even smokers are at higher risk of infection.


To combat the germs in our environment, we have launched CleanAire, the world’s first portable product that incorporates ozone and Ultraviolet C (UVC) rays for combined sterilisation.


With its dual disinfection capabilities, CleanAire provides users with 360°protection against germs in the immediate environment, thoroughly sterilising the air and surface areas within a  2 square meter (21.5 square feet) radius. Let's protect the health of you and your loved ones!



UVC rays in CleanAire have been scientifically proven by a certified medical lab(see below for certification) to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. When exposed to germs, UVC rays compromise their DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)and RNA (Ribonucleic acid) structuresstopping reproduction and interaction with human cells. By emitting UVC rays from a concealed and harmless light source, CleanAire provides users with protection while using the product. 

Providing an extensive approach to sterilisation, CleanAire also comes with a built-in ozone generator. The ozone generated into the air is able to bypass shielded areas as well as obstacles and sets off a biochemical oxidation reaction that destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria



Offering a user-friendly interface and not to mention a sleek and chic design, CleanAire is created to operate with just one touch power switch.

To start using CleanAire, touch and hold the power switch – located at the top of the device – for 5 seconds and let it run its course. You will see the atmosphere lamp of the cartoon rabbit and UV tube light up while the device is running.

CleanAire will thoroughly sterilise the air and surface for 30 minutes at a time, and will automatically shut off upon completion of its task.


To charge the device fully, simply connect it to a USB cable and power source for 2 – 3 hours. During charging, the power indicator will flash regularly. Once fully charged, the indicator will stop flashing. Each full charge will yield up to 15 rounds of automatic sterilisation.

Please note:

  • Ozone smell may be detected while the device is working in closed area. Once sterilization is done, ozone will gradually turn to oxygen and leave no smell. 
  • There will be low static noise from the ozone generator while the device is working.


Small & Portable


The portable nature of CleanAire allows for various applications across multiple scenarios and locations. Measuring at just 120 mm x 56 mm (4.7 in x 2.2 in), CleanAire can fit comfortably in backpacks, handbags and any luggage for ease of carrying.

Work Station


CleanAire can also be placed on desks at work to clean the air in the immediate vicinity; given that workstations are places most people spend substantial amounts of time apart from personal spaces such as homes.

Dining Area


Regardless of dining in or out, the compact nature of the device makes it convenient to place on the dining table for sterilisation while eating, offering comprehensive protection against germs within the immediate area.

Car & Personal Space


With cars being another location that we frequent and regularly interact with others, it is vital to disinfect the interiors as thoroughly as possible. Turn on CleanAire and leave it to sterilise the interiors for 30 minutes while running errands, further maximising time spent.

Wardrobe & Cabinet


Apart from open areas, CleanAire can also be used in small spaces such as wardrobes and cabinets. Before the contents are used, let CleanAire sterilise the air within the storage area and on the objects to increase further protection against viruses and bacteria.



Apart from open areas, CleanAire can also be used in small spaces such as wardrobes and cabinets. Before the contents are used, let CleanAire sterilise the air within the storage area and on the objects to increase further protection against viruses and bacteria.



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Initially launched in Singapore at the start of 2020, CleanAire seeks to allay the fears of today’s increasingly health-conscious consumers across the globe through our first product - dubbed CleanAire, the eponymous portable air and surface steriliser.


We are a part of NVC International, a global leader in the lighting industry founded since 1998. CleanAire leverages on NVC International's cutting edge technology and innovation to hopefully become your one-stop-shop for total hygiene solutions in the future.


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NVC International ZhuHai Regional Headquarter

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